Espagne - Catalonia - including Barcelona; Valladolid, Leon, Burgos, Avila, Segovia, Salamanca, Andalucia, Cataluña, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria-gasteiz, Córdoba, and Gijon

Angleterre - Kent, Norfolk

France - Tours

Brésil - São Paulo


  • Ohio, US - New state-wide coverage
  • Connecticut, US - New state-wide coverage
  • Portland, Oregon, US
  • Deleware, US - Updated imagery
  • Nevada, US - Some new areas
  • New Jersey, US - Many areas updated
  • California, US - Areas east of LA have been updated, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo
  • Philadelphia, PA, US - The entire metro area
  • Salt Lake City Area, UT, US - City and surrounding area (including ski mountains - now summertime)
  • Denver, CO, US
  • Virginia, US - Norfolk, Newport News
  • Hawaii, US - Mona Kea (observatory now visible), Maui, Kauai

Canada - Woodstock, Ontario; Vancouver (suburbs, not city)

Norvège - Oslo

L'Islande - Reykjavik

Russie - Parts of St. Petersburg

Danemark - Roskilde

Les Açores - Terceira (the whole island), São Miguel (the whole island)

Australia - Sydney and surrounding areas (large area to northeast)

Roumanie - Bucharest

Nouvelle Zélande - Auckland

Afrique de Sud - Remote areas have new high resolution from Cnes/Spot Image